Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs are small (approx5mm), round, flat bugs that, like fleas feed on blood. People tend to associate Bed Bugs with uncleanliness however this is not the case. Bed Bugs will go where they have a host and can be picked up from high traffic areas such as hotels or hostels, 2nd hand furniture even public transport seating.

Once the bugs and eggs have been accidentally brought into your home, they will spread into your furniture, bedding and clothing.

Bed Bugs are nocturnal. Most people will experience waking up itchy, covered in red welts from the Bed Bugs bites.

As a Bed Bugs feeds they inject a natural aesthetic which causes an allergic reaction that makes us itch. The bites can look similar to flea bites and can usually be found on areas of your skin that is easy to access while you sleep such as wrists, necks and ankles.

Due to the resilience of Bed Bugs, Treatment can be tedious. But with the help of our experienced and helpful Pest Technicians, we can stop the breeding cycle and get your home Bed Bug free!

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