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Spiders can be split into two groups. Webbing, and running spiders.

Webbing spiders such as Redbacks and Black House Spiders rely on silk for their movement, and will generally not stray too far away from their webs. Control of these spiders is relatively straightforward with a direct application of the product onto the spider. Externally, reducing the amount of foliage around the building will limit webbing spiders from setting up camp right where you are likely to walk.

Running spiders such as Huntsman and White Tailed Spiders also need to be contacted directly by the treatment product as residual effect is almost non existent. Treatment involves and integrated general pest treatment, along with a crack and crevice treatment for wall cavities and ceiling void areas. Barrier sprays around buildings carries very limited value, however it is performed to provide every bit of protection we can provide.

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