Meth Testing

Meth Testing

“Not only do meth users destroy lives, they also devalue properties”

Australia has the highest number of meth users per capita and is growing every year.One of the biggest threats to your investment property is a meth user. Smoking meth inside regularly can contaminate a home and regular smoking of the drug can return contamination readings as high as those produced by a meth lab.

Is your investment property meth free? It’s not worth the risk

We recommend a Meth Assessment very time a property is vacated

Meth residue can be left in carpets, curtains, walls and ceilings.

Health Risks:

  • Children behavioural problems such as ADHD
  • Respiratory problems
  • Headaches
  • Changed sleeping patterns
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin rashes

Meth testing provides extra protection for the landlord’s property

Gives you and your Real estate an advantage over others by providing an additional service at no extra cost

Property managers can withhold bonds if there are positive meth use results until the property has been cleaned adequately.

Will lead to better tenants when potential tenants are made aware of meth testing on departure.

It will deter protentional problem tenants from applying

Property managers and investment owners have a responsibility for ensuring a property is safe for habitation. Meth contamination above 0.5 micrograms in a space 100cm square (0.5μg/100cm²) is not acceptable by Australian law (EPA and local government).

Landlordscan face law suits from tenants moving into an already-contaminated investment property.

Areas We Service

We service all areas, from the southern suburbs of Brisbane all the way to Byron Bay:

Here are some of suburbs we service: 

Paradise Point
Runaway Bay
Sanctuary Cove
Hope Island
Surfers Paradise
Burleigh Heads
Palm Beach
Tweed Heads
Ocean Shores
Brunswick Heads
Byron Bay

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