We recently had an enquiry from a customer when he made a very interesting but very disappointing discovery in his wardrobe. Three of his very expensive suits, that had been kept “protected” in a suit bag were full of holes!!

This is the calling card of the SILVERFISH!

Silverfish are wingless bugs that move in a wiggling motion resembling that of a fish and have long antennae and can live for up to 8 years… on the right diet!!

Silverfish eat everything but especially are lovers of sources high in starch & sugar.  Unfortunately clothing also falls into their food pyramid! Silverfish eat clothes not for the material but for the nourishing substances found in or on the fabric.

Clothes & material that have been spilled with sugary foods or beverages will attract silverfish and they seem to hold high preference for garments made of cotton, linen, silk, rayon & even leather. Clothing that is stored in wardrobes or dark storage areas with moderately warm temperatures and high humidity are most susceptible to silverfish!

While our poor client had not seen evidence of silverfish anywhere else in his home, his suit bag was the perfect conditions to breed the infestation.

It usually takes an uncontrolled silverfish infestation to cause noticeable damage to clothing and requires professional pest control treatments to ensure the infestation has been killed off and protect the home from future attacks!