Its starting to get warm and we are starting to pull out the short shorts, sunscreen and enjoy the beautiful outdoors again! Pull out the BBQs that have been stashed away or your outdoor entertaining area (that haven’t done much entertaining in the winter months) … and you may find a few of our 8 legged friends!

If you have noticed an increase in spiders around your home its due to the fact that spiders reproduce during spring and will mature by the Summer months.

While most spider species are harmless over 40% of the human population dislike spiders. While it seems the spiders don’t share their dislike towards us they are actually great to keep around the home… if you can stomach them.

Spiders feed on common household pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies & moths and provide you with basic free pest control! Spiders eat other spiders and the winner eats the loser! And, spiders can eliminate diseases from around the home by eliminating other household pests that spread disease.

However if are amongst the 40% of the population that would prefer not to share you home with our arachnid friends, here are some helpful tips to keep your home Spider Free this Summer!!

Keep storage items, plants, outdoor furniture etc from leaing up against your home and avoid stock piling against the house exterior.

Try to rid your home of any cardboard storage boxes which may attract silverfish, cockroaches and other pests which may then attract spiders.

Keep any firewood piles tidy and stacked and if possible away from the house.

Maintain your homes exterior by brooming & brushing any noticeable cobwebs.

Use door blocks and block any entry points into the home around service pipes etc in conjunction with screen doors where possible.

Diffuse essential oils in your home. Spiders are repelled by strong scents such as peppermint which is quite pleasant for us. Other oils are tea tree (antibacterial), lavender (great for relaxation) & eucalyptus & lemon (great for cleaning).

While any of the above will help prevent spiders the absolute best option is to call your Professional Pest Controller to carry out a full service including internal & external of your home. This creates a protective barrier, not just against spiders but other household pests which attract spiders in the first place. By having a professional spray, spiders wont linger, breed or spend the Summer at your place!

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