Pidgeon Bird Control

Accurate Pest Management Gold Coast are highly experienced in providing pigeon control solutions. We have been servicing Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs for pigeon removal and control for several years and are fully equipped to solve your Pigeon/bird problems in a commercial or domestic environment. We are equipped and licensed for a variety of pigeon removal techniques with a professional solution from trapping to baiting.

Pigeons are often seen but ignored, they seem harmless in nature BUT pigeons pose a serious health risk that is often overlooked. Pigeons will infest structures causing unsightly mess and defecation and can also soil your solar panels causing your solar system to be inefficient in be the panels Pigeon droppings are extremely harmful to one’s health and are related to numerous health and respiratory lung illnesses and some diseases can be FATAL.

The most significant health risk that comes from the pigeons droppings is a disease organism that will grow under and in the droppings known as Cryptococcus and histoplasmosis which is a cause of respiratory disease and can occasionally result in serious and deadly infections. Salmonella is another disease highly transmitted by pigeons. Pigeons can also carry bird mites which can infest where humans.

Accurate Pest Management Gold Coast are always professional, discreate and act in a humane manor in pigeon removal.

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