Ferral Cat Removal & Control

Feral cats do not rely on humans for food, water or shelter, they solely rely on the natural environment where they will spend most of the day hidden in the safety of their dens/burrows. The feral cats will become active at night, hunting for small mammals including birds, fish and other insects. Common cat issue in suburban locations from the semi-feral cat which will closely resemble the domestic cat and will often fight with the domestic pet cat causing expensive vet bills for the owner.

Feral cat control on the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs is a ever growing concern, as the feral cat will pray on the Australian wildlife and fauna. The feral cats will use soft soil areas to urinate such as children’s play areas and gardens. The feral cats and semi-feral cats are known for the transfer of the decease of Toxoplasmosis which is a parasite that is produced in the intestine of the cat. The disease is extremely harmful to marsupials, livestock, humans and more so pregnant women. Accurate Pest Management will provide a professional, humane and discreet feral cat removal program in you domestic or commercial property.

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