Brush Turkey Removal

The brush turkey although a Australian native protected species can be extremely destructive when it comes to turkey breeding season, destroying lawns and stripping gardens from mulch. With the male turkey being a dominant and territorial animal, attempts to deter the turkey away by scaring or the use of deterrents such as mesh will fail or even move the bird to another location in your property

The behaviour displayed by the brush turkey is to fulfil need to build its mound/nest to attract a female for breeding. Attempting to remove the mound/nest will only last until that following afternoon when the turkey returns rebuilds his mound. The male brush will often build a mound that can vary from 2 meters wide to 4 meters high.


The Australian brush turkey is a protected species, this means removal or attempting to harm the turkey can result in a costly fine, unless a permit is held. Accurate Pest Management Gold Coast holds relevant permits that allow us trap and removal/relocation the turkey in accordance with Australian standards. Once captured he is relocated to a more suitable location where the turkey is guaranteed not to return.

Accurate Pest Management Gold Coast provide a humane and quick turkey removal guaranteed.

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